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Sign erected at Currie's Boyhood Home

Middlesex Heritage Trail

Sir Arthur Currie



Arthur William Currie was born here the 5th of December 1875 to Jane and William

Curry. Art, as he was known, was a skilled debater, always interested and participating

in military pursuits, and generally the leader in any play. He went to SS#5 Adelaide .

Not a healthy lad, his mother watched him carefully. As a teen he walked to Strathroy

to attend high school. He was tone deaf and once when asked to sing “doh” by his

music instructor, retorted “It will be bread before I can sing it”


He left Adelaide Township and Strathroy to seek to better himself in the West. In

Victoria BC, he taught school, married Lucy Chaworth-Musters and had two children

Garner and Marjorie. He changed the spelling of his name to Currie. He continued

his interest in the militia and became a private in the Fifth Regiment of the Canadian

Garrison Artillery in 1897.


Arthur became a principal in Currie and Powers Real Estate and Insurance Brokers. He

was promoted Lieutenant Colonel and formed the 50th Regiment Gordon Highlanders

in 1913.


When war was declared in 1914, he headed for Valcartier , Quebec and was appointed by Sam Hughes, Minister of Militia, to command the 2nd Brigade of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces. After numerous successful battles, Ypres, Somme , Passchendaele, Vimy, in which he demonstrated his ability to plan and carry out very difficult

operations, he was promoted Lieutenant General and head of the Canadian Corps. King George V knighted him on the battlefield.


When he returned to Canada , vitriolic attacks by Sam Hughes in he House of Commons, did much to chill what should have been a warm and enthusiastic welcome for Canada ’s premier warrior.


He became Canada ’s first full General. He was appointed Principal of McGill University in 1920. Although not university educated, he served with distinction in that capacity until his death in 1933.


His favourite charger, Brock, retired to the Curry homestead near Strathroy.


General Sir Arthur William Currie GCMG, KCB

5 December 1875 – 30 November 1933

“ Canada’s greatest commander"